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What you can do

You can find trades or builders through many sources, including recommendations from family, friends, colleagues or neighbours, or different websites such as review platforms, renovation forums, or member lists on building industry association websites.

Regardless of how you found someone, you must always do your due diligence by checking their registration and insurance, even if they were recommended by a trusted family member or friend. See Finding a practitioner and getting quotes for more information.

Be flexible on:

  • Timing. If the project is not urgent, don’t rush. Wait for the right person or business to be available
  • Pricing/budget. Expect to pay more for premium quality, anyone that’s in demand, custom services, or for priority scheduling
  • Quotes. Be patient and give them enough time before following up, or giving up as this could be a sign that they’re in demand
  • Who to hire. Widen your search if a specific person or business is not available or locally available
  • Customisation versus standard designs. Custom work takes longer, is less available than generic, and costs more.

Page last updated: 27/09/22